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Torso Dummy Heavy Punch Bag Grappling Body Salam Man Pads Boxing Gloves MMA

Torso grappling dummy is a high quality tool designed for those training in mixed martial arts. The grappling dummy is designed for training wrestling and ground techniques. Including lifting and throwing, takedown tactics and strikes. From a ground position. Torso bag / Dummy for sparring techniques or target training. Torso structure system designed to withstand MMA workouts. Practising clinch, knees… Read more →


Fairtex Black Ultimate Shin Pads (Medium) (Thai Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA)

The SP8 shin guards are the culmination in design and protection from their SP5 and SP7 models. Protection is enhanced thanks to double shin padding, expanded side padding to protect the knee, ankle coverage and a soft piping on the foot protector that eliminates irritation. The patented “Twister” system between the foot and shin also provides enhanced mobility without reducing… Read more →