Kick Pads Kplc2 Fairtex Muay Thai Pads Kick Boxing Mma K1 Authentic

FAIRTEX MUAY THAI PADS KPLC2 KICK BOXING MMA AUTHENTIC. Many famous Muay Thai fighters in Thailand and all around the world have been getting the skilled molded by their trainers through the use of FAIRTEX Thai pads. These pads have been proven time and time again that they are made to take on any level of punishment. Handmade in Thailand… Read more →


Kick Boxing Wall Dummy Uper Cut Punching OneX Training Bag MMA Kick Fighting Pad

Upper cut pad punch bag kick boxing Focus Shield Strike Martial arts MMA/ UFC 1X. Wall Punch Pad Kickboxing Training Kick Shield Taekwondo Boxing Uppercut Bag. IN Artificial LEATHER Uppercut Kick Boxing Punching Training Wall pad Wall Mounted DUMMY. Excellent tool for training uppercuts. Artificial Leather cover with super dense multi layered SUPA FLEX inside for a professional workout. The… Read more →


Kick Boxing Belly Protector SUPER Body Pad Armour Belly Guard MMA UFC

New Belly Protection Guard MMA Kick Boxing Chest Guard. Rex Leather Belly Pads for kick boxing, Muay Thai. The most comfortable, protective and anatomically correct training body protectors manufactured by Onex Sport Ltd. The super shock absorbing padding almost 5 cm of high density multi layer formulation. Perfect for kicks and trunk strikes. Use in combination with punch mitts and… Read more →


ARD Kick Boxing Strike Curved Thai Pad MMA Focus Muay Thai Punch Shield Mitt

Top Sports Equipment at best Price. ARD Kick Boxing Strike Curved Thai Pad MMA Focus Muay Thai Punch Shield Mitt – Single. ARD Champs Creative Curved Style Quality Leather Art Boxing Thai Pad Excellent Quality with IMT Gel Integrated inside 3 Layers Foam The Professionals Last Best Experience. We ensure the ARD Leather Art Boxing Thai Pad meets your expectations… Read more →