RDX Kids Boxing Pads Focus Mitts Junior Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Karate Training

Swift feet & Quick wrists is a recipe for glory. Our junior boxing mitts are manufactured with Metallic Skin Leather for ultra-durability. The seams are dual-stitched for added resilience and security. The hook and jab pads are stuffed with EVA-Lution foam that expands, absorbs and distributes impact evenly across the surface, which minimizes risk of injury. Flat construction for increase… Read more →


RDX Kids Boxing Pads Focus Mitts Junior MMA Muay Thai Kickboxing Karate Training

Designed for career-lasting performance that eats up shock-impact and spits out results in the form of speed and strength. Take your little champs to the next level knowing the focus pads are designed to handle punishment over long periods of time. Handcrafted and stitched for resiliency and durability worthy of your future champs. [Durable ConvEX Skin Leather Construction] Our Kids… Read more →


RDX Kids Boxing Pads Training Gloves Junior MMA Focus Mitts Muay Thai Kickboxing

Our non-tear Metallic Skin leather boxing gloves are perfect for child athletes that want to pursue combat sports. That is why we’re throwing in a pair of our finest junior bag gloves to ignite your kid’s passion straight away. Quadro-Dome mould naturally supports the hand position and provides adequate protection as your junior champs are punching. Swift feet & Quick… Read more →