RDX Leather Kids Shin Instep Pads Junior MMA Leg Foot Guards Kick Boxing

AUTHENTIC RDX PRO ADVANCE PAIR OF COW HIDE LEATHER KIDS SHIN INSTEP. Authentic RDX Gel integrated Cow Hide Leather Advance Kids Shin instep Great deal while our supplies last! RDX Gel integrated Special design with extra attention for maximum protection of the areas around the lower-leg muscles and areas right under the knee-caps. The RDX Kids Shin Guard was created… Read more →


RDX Leather Gel Boxing Gloves Fight Punch Bag MMA Muay Thai Grappling Pad YL

AUTHENTIC RDX COW HIDE LEATHER BOXING GLOVES WITH GEL PADDING. Authentic RDX Pro Cow Hide Leather Gel Tech Boxing Gloves One of The Best Gloves In Market GGreat deal while our supplies last! Train with enduring sports brand RDX Gloves now with exclusive the most exquisite full grain Cow hide Leather and filled with’IMT’ three layers of Gel integrated padding… Read more →


RDX Leather Focus Pads Boxing Mitts Martial Arts MMA Punch Pad Training Gloves

Everlast Pro Style Elite Training boxing bag gloves punch punching, Boxing Gloves MMA Sparring Striking. AUTHENTIC RDX PAIR OF COW HIDE LEATHER G-CORE FOCUS PADS. Authentic RDX Brand New Cow Hide Leather Pair of Curved Focus Pads With Gel Boxing Gloves Great deal while our supplies last! New and improved, these boxing pads are lighter and smarter. The lightweight authentic… Read more →


RDX Leather Pro Gel Shin Instep Pads MMA Leg Foot Guards Muay Thai Kick Boxing U

AUTHENTIC RDX ADVANCE PRESSURE POINT PORELLE MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY. Authentic RDX Supreme Extra Thick Cow Hide Leather Membrane Technology Shin instep CE Certified by SATRA Great deal while our supplies last! A legacy in the building, the RDX SUPREME extra thick Gel infused line of protective Shin Guard CE Certified by SATRA- the worlds leading research and testing Laboratory is redefined… Read more →