Martial Arts Padded Belly Pad Muay Thai Boxing MMA Kickboxing Belly Protector

Belly Protection Guard. Rex Leather Belly Pads for kick boxing, Muay Thai, MMA Boxing Training. The most comfortable, protective and anatomically correct training body protectors manufactured by Onex Sport Ltd. The super shock absorbing padding almost 5 cm of high density multi layer formulation. Perfect for kicks and trunk strikes. Use in combination with punch mitts and / or Thai… Read more →


RDX Martial Arts Chest Protector Body Armour Training Guard MMA Boxing Belly Pad

AUTHENTIC RDX CHEST GUARD. Authentic RDX Brand New Maya Hide leatherChest Guard One of the best Pads in market. Maya Hide leather protects the heavily padded interior of these triple stitched Taekwondo body protectors. Made to fully-absorb and manage the shock-impact that come from lethal TKD kicks, RDXs latest body armour was engineered to get you a step closer to… Read more →